Aeroplane crosses the Atlantic at 30 mph

We have long been accustomed to goods of all kinds being moved around the world by means of that maid-of-all-work, the humble container. And yet there are loads that make even long-serving members of the Reimler team raise an eyebrow. In late December/early January we imported from the US a small aeroplane loaded into a 40ft container. The plane, of the Boeing Stearman type, is one of the most frequently built double-decker planes in the world. Since 1934 almost 10,000 planes of this type have been built. The US Army uses it – with cloth-covered wings – as a training aircraft. Agricultural spray-planes of this type have aluminium-covered wings, since the chemicals they spray would damage canvas-covered wings.

In empty condition the plane weighs about 900 kilograms, has a wing-span of ca. 10 meters, and is 7.5 meters long. This particular plane, imported second-hand from Dallas/Texas has a maximum speed of 170 km/h. But it had to restrict its speed, on its sea-trip, via the port of Hamburg, to its destination in the Wendland area, to no more than 30 mph, with its wings removed and everything securely fastened, inside a container.

Reinforcements to Spedition Reimler’s team

We are extending our services and our manpower, and are delighted to welcome three additions to our team.

Ms Gesa Michael (aged 28) is a trained accountant, and will join, naturally, our accounts department, after having worked with an accountants firm in Hamburg. She is very much looking forward to applying her expertise directly to the books of a firm that is at the centre of the real economy.

Since October this year Mr Mathias Siswan (aged 48) has been working with Reimler in the disposition of German haulage operations. A trained logistics expert, he can draw on the concentrated experience of almost 20 years as a forwarding agent in diverse companies, organizing and expediting transport operations.

Mr Kim Wiesner (aged 33), too, trained as a logistics specialist, but has also worked in wholesale and retail trade. Mr Wiesner will be employed in developing and extending our marketing activities in the sea-freight sector, but will also reinforce and support the operative team in this area.

Reimler betting game for the new Bundesliga season

What Reimler has got to do with the Greek election

“The Greeks and their election” is the title of a programme which German public broadcast station NDR aired immediately after the general elections in Greece on June 17th. Its subject was among others the effect the Greek election results will have on the Hamburg economic region.

Since Greece is known to be a core region of Reimler’s European business area the report was filmed on our premises, the editor promoting Peter Knoll, one of Reimler’s executive board, to a leading role on the programme. True to form he answered all the TV team’s questions. They then integrated the results of their own research into the programme. This procedure left a few minor factual inadequacies, but only a specialist should be able to spot these.

Click here to access the programme in the NDR online archive.

Get more information on our Greece transports.

Mercedes-Benz newsletter pays tribute to Reimler

Mercedes Benz and Reimler Logistics complement each other – find the editors of “Fahrtwind”, the newsletter of Mercedes Benz dealership Mühle. In its ninth issue, spring 2012, our firm is given a highly appreciative, double-page presentation. See for yourself: follow this link to the pdf file.

Easter Bunny Paid a Visit

This year was marked by the materialization of a very special Easter egg in our firm: a new internet appearance

We were left rather wowed when we returned to our desks after the Easter break and discovered a sizeable digital Easter egg: a new website. A fresh design, integrated access to Twitter, Xing, and Facebook, lots of extra detailed information on our destinations and bulk and liquid load transport services, a revised interactive enquiries form, and many other new features. We are very pleased with it. But the real test is: what do you think of it?

The Reimler Bundesliga betting platform continues to be accessed via this link.

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