About Reimler Logistics

Th. Reimler &Co. Nfl. GmbH has been in business since 1922 as an international haulage and logistics company, with its core competencies in three main areas:

• Road transport within Germany, consolidated, and part and complete loads using Reimler’s own vehicles. If required additional capacities are provided by independent road hauliers.
• Europe-wide road haulage business carried out primarily to Portugal, Spain, Greece and Switzerland, by a well-established body of sub-contractors. We run several weekly services to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, which are operated by Reimler-owned vehicles.
• Worldwide sea-freight services, especially to China, Brazil, and the USA. These can also be handled and shipped as project loads. We offer to provide the complete paperwork connected with import or export operations, customs procedures and warehousing.

Our firm holds a certificate under ISO 9001:2015, and its quality standards are our guidelines in all our professional operations, however mundane. Internal processes and workflows are constantly being evaluated and optimized. We feel ourselves bound to the same quality requirements of ISO9001 when we have to engage the support of haulage firms or other third party service providers. Our ISO certificate can be downloaded here. Further editions are available online through our profile in the DQS customer database.

We provide highly professional logistical services, made-to-measure for your every needs.

Next to our exacting quality standards, environmental requirements and considerations of sustainability are becoming ever more central to our business. For us, “green logistics” has long ceased to be a mere trend and become an essential requirement of the market. Consequently, we are consistently trying to identify and to exploit “green potentials” in our activities – including the equipment of our fleet of vehicles. All meet the EU-6-norm, and our drivers are obliged to practice an economical style of driving.

The quality of our enterprise and its product is the result of the combined competences of each individual employee. Our management ensures therefore that regular training programmes for our staff, plus the provision of state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure enable our firm to provide excellent service for our clients, as a matter of course, every day.

Our slogan “With You In Mind” puts our business aspirations in a nutshell: To provide services worldwide, tailor-made for you and your requirements. We are conscious of the way our slogan binds us to Hamburg, Reimler’s home town and headquarters, whose global commercial links earned it the title of Germany’s “Gateway to the World”.

We provide highly professional logistical services, made-to-measure for your every needs.

Our History & Philosophy

Our company looks back on more than 90 years of corporate history. The original trucking company of Reimler was founded in 1922 by the Reimler family, and stayed in their ownership for nearly 50 years. Then, during the nineteen-sixties and seventies, Reimler began and later extended its co-operation with the Kurt Junghans Spedition.

In 1975 this partnership evolved into something bigger, when Reimler and Kurt Junghans moved towards a joint corporate structure. “Kurt Junghans Spedition oHG”, led by Helga Christiansen and Hans-Joachim Pfeiffer, and Reimler became an integrated concern, to focus expertise and resources and thus be able to expand both companies’ transport business in the medium term. Till then, transports had been mainly of a domestic nature, mostly originating in Hamburg and destined for Bavaria.

After two decades, while still expanding, both companies were legally separated, the aim being to achieve market-driven niche-specialization for Kurt Junghans. So, since 1995, Mrs Helga Christiansen has been the sole proprietor and Mr Dieter Christiansen CEO of Reimler Logistics. Thus the company, now reborn as “Th. Reimler & Co. Nfl. GmbH”, once again became a family business, and is still operating as one today. The management regards this as both an obligation to employees and clients, and enabling it to make quick and independent decisions and to promptly react to the market’s demands.

Hanseatic Tradition In a Modern Company

500 years ago the Hanseatic merchants were the dominant economic power around the Baltic sea. We carry on Hanseatic traditions in a modern company.
This has specific implications: We are always up to date. We invest extensively in continuous and advanced staff training, modern equipment and efficient workflows. And after nearly a century in the business ourselves we also feel personally committed to the successful traditions of our firm.

In this spirit, we see ourselves as Hanseatic tradesmen, guided by the ideas of cosmopolitanism, solidity, reliability and modesty that have made North German business so enduringly successful. These values form the basis of our corporate philosophy and shape the way we work every day – giving a modern interpretation to a traditional recipe for success.

In today’s business world everyone talks about globalisation, but we can claim to have actually lived the openness and internationality it implies ever since the establishment of our company back in 1922.

The claim of “being up to date” often is mere hype, and a marketing ploy. We at Reimlers, however, know it is more – the condition of continued improvement and competitiveness in our industry. So, we proudly look back on our traditions, and look forward to new developments at the same time. But as in the past, our clients’ needs take center stage. You can trust us with your goods and we will take care of them, as if they were our own. You can always rely on us!