Reinforcements to Spedition Reimler’s team

We are extending our services and our manpower, and are delighted to welcome three additions to our team.

Ms Gesa Michael (aged 28) is a trained accountant, and will join, naturally, our accounts department, after having worked with an accountants firm in Hamburg. She is very much looking forward to applying her expertise directly to the books of a firm that is at the centre of the real economy.

Since October this year Mr Mathias Siswan (aged 48) has been working with Reimler in the disposition of German haulage operations. A trained logistics expert, he can draw on the concentrated experience of almost 20 years as a forwarding agent in diverse companies, organizing and expediting transport operations.

Mr Kim Wiesner (aged 33), too, trained as a logistics specialist, but has also worked in wholesale and retail trade. Mr Wiesner will be employed in developing and extending our marketing activities in the sea-freight sector, but will also reinforce and support the operative team in this area.