First Truck with New Corporate Identity

Delivered This Week

For a logistics company such as ours, the delivery of a new truck is everyday routine. Our drivers take over, get briefed and start the next tour – this is what usually happens.

Nonetheless, the latest addition to our fleet, from our long-standing partner Mercedes-Mühle of Hamburg-Bergedorf, really meant something special to us: It was the first vehicle in the new colours of Reimler Logistics, a remarkable milestone in our companies’ tradition. Don’t our new logo and slogan look stunning on a Mercedes Actros 2658? We certainly think so. We like to say, the new truck is not just a reliable way of transport for our clients’ goods, it’s also a proud ambassador for our company.

Seen in the photo: Mercedes’ salesman Herbert Mühle, Helga and Dieter Christiansen, heads of Reimler Logistics, as well as Ralf Manthei, Director of truck sales at Mercedes-Mühle.